My Plant's Journey

March 2020

My plant's Journey is a simple designed app which provides an easy way to purchase a house plant and inform you how to take care of your plant. With best practices in UX Design, user research, prototyping and testing, a beautiful app was created to help users find an easy journey for their new plant.


The Challenge

Create an easy to use mobile solution that allows customers to place an order and purchase a plant. The solution should be simple, easy to use and allow users to make a purchase with minimal effort. The solution should include options like the size of the plant, amount of water/sun it needs, and add reminders when to water your plant.


The Process

For this project, my role was to take this my plant's Journey app to the next level through research and best practices in UX Design. I have researched and compared other plant applications from what they have and don't have. In this phase, I'll have a persona, User Flow Map, sketches, and use InVision Studio to make a mid-fidelity prototype that solves for user requirements.




User Flow Map




Mid-Fidelity Prototype using InVision Studio